Group tour 1

  • Duration: 12 days / 11 nights
  • Type of service: Hotel with breakfast
  • Accommodation: Luxury or midrange hotel
  • Type of vehicle: bus or a 4WD with driver who speaks english
  • Spoken language of the driver / guide: French, English, Malagasy
  • Price: from €660 per person

Tour highlights

Andasibe, Ifaty Tuléar, Isalo, Ranomafana, Ambositra, Antsirabe

  • Tour planning




While arriving at Ivato international airport in Antananarivo (Tana for short), meet Ortour representative, and then transfer to your hotel for check-in and overnight in hotel du Louvre (Top) or at the hotel Chalet des Roses (high-midrange), or Hotel Tripolitsa (high-midrange),in BB.


Antananarivo – Andasibe

We leave Tana and depart to Andasibe also known as Perinet. Few stops can be arranged with extra visit on your charge at Pereyras reptile farm, in case you’d be happy to see some lemurs (the dancing coquerel sifaka and the browns) or chameleons, tiny red frog and tomato frog, flocks of leaf-tailed in cages. Upon arrival in Andasibe, we shall visit the Vakona reserve where four species of day lemurs including the black and white ruffed-lemur, the browns, ring-tails, the dancing sifakas and the modest eastern bamboo lemur, would be ready for photo-op. You’d be enjoying the unforgettable fun time spent at this so-called ‘lemurs island.Overnight in Top Hotel: at Andasibe Hotel or at Vakona Forest Forest Lodge (Top) or in Mid-range Hotel: Feon’ny Ala or Grace Lodge in BB.


Andasibe – Antananarivo

After breakfast, we will explore the Analamazoatra reserve in search of the biggest lemurs called ‘Indri indri’, the panda like lemurs, whose eerie calls can be heard miles away from your hotel. Mild walk in the forest would surely grant you a great deal of chances to spot other lemurs such as the golden sifakas, the eastern woolly lemurs, without forgetting endemic birds and reptiles like the Parson chameleon, the tiny nose-horned chameleons, and so forth. After the visit, we leave Andasibe and drive back to Antananarivo .Overnight in hotel du Louvre (Top) or at the hotel Chalet de Roses (high-midrange), or Hotel Tripolitsa (high-midrange), in BB.


Antananarivo – Tuléar – Ifaty

You will be transferred to the airport, take the domestic flight for today’s destination, Tulear. Tulear is the capital of the Vezo fishing people. Arriving there, direct drive to Ifaty, a small village located 27 km north of Tulear. Overnight in your hotel for overnight at High Midrange Hotel: at hotel Bella Donna or Bamboo in BB or in Paradisier, (top) in BB or La Mira hotel (top)



Mostly, day at leisure but there are many extra activities on your charge that can be arranged by the hotel including snorkeling, scuba-diving, relaxing by the beach or spend some time in the afternoon walking in Ifaty spiny forest in order to contemplate giant baobabs, many spiny trees, birds, or another short visit at the ‘Tortoise village’. Night walk can be possible to spot some night active lemurs, the black-shouldered sportive lemur. Overnight in your hotel for overnight at High Midrange Hotel: at hotel Bella Donna or Bamboo in BB or in Paradisier, (top) in BB or La Mira hotel (top).


Ifaty – Tuléar – Isalo

We leave Ifaty and depart to Ranohira.There are few stops along the road while passing by the Mahafaly area abounded by tons of local tombs which are displayed by images interpreting the dreams and the life of the deceased. When we arrive in Ranohira, the small village near Isalo National park settle in your hotel overnight at Top Hotel: hotel Jardin Roy or Relais de la Reine, in HB or in Midrange Hotel: H1 Hotel or Hotel Orchidée, in BB.


Isalo visit

After breakfast, we will have a full day hike in Isalo National Park along the Namaza trail. First, stop in ‘Piscine Naturelle’ where you can spend few moments swimming. Then, another 4 km is necessary leading to the camping site. After lunch, extend your hike along the sheltered canyons reaching the ‘Piscine Blue and Noire’ called the cascade Nymphe trails. Isalo, covered with 82 000 ha, created in 1962, is the home of the endemic bird known as Benson’s Rock thrush; actually, there are 77 species of birds, 14 species of nocturnal lemurs, 98 species of amphibians and reptiles. Overnight at Top Hotel: hotel Jardin Roy or Relais de la Reine, in HB or in Midrange Hotel: H1 Hotel or Hotel Orchidée, in BB.


Isalo – Ranomafana

Drive from Ranohira going to Ambalavao. Ambalavao known for its charming colonial architected is the capital of the ‘Antemoro Paper’ products. Fresh flowers are then applied to give it a unique form.
Not only those products but you can also visit the zebu market on Wednesdays and find the local people making a traditional deal. And Anja Park is around 12 km toward Ambalavao on the RN7, one of the places where the ring-tailed lemurs are easily found. One hour visit is inevitable before continuing our trip heading to Ranomafana National Park but passing by Fianarantsoa, the capital of the Betsileo tribe. Settle in your hotel for overnight at Top Hotel: Thermal or Setam Lodge(high-end , in HB or in Midrange Hotel: Grenat or Karibo hotel( high-midrange), in BB.


Ranomafana visit

We will explore the Park in the morning. Ranomafana is a very dense forest with green lush vegetation, a mountainous area reaching 1300 m of altitude, certainly possessing a great deal amount of flora and fauna unique in the world with wide varieties of orchids, carnivorous plants, harboring at least 12 species of lemurs including the golden bamboo, greater bamboo, Milne Edward’s sifaka; Also, there are 118 species of birds and 8 species of bats, as well as many rodents, reptiles, batrachians, spiders and butterflies. In the afternoon, you can relax in your hotel or explore the remaining time swimming in the hot thermal pool fed from the mouths of geysers or visiting the village to closely interact with the locals in hope to learn and understand their cultures.
Overnight in High-midrange Hotel: at the hotel Thermal or at Setam Lodge, at the hotel Centrest in HB or in Midrange Hotel: at the hotel Grenat(midrange) or at Karibo hotel(high-midrange), in BB.


Ranomafana – Ambositra – Antsirabe

Drive from Ranomafana to Antsirabe, with a stop in Ambositra to visit a few craft shops and continue to Antsirabe. After lunch, we continue driving till we reach Antsirabe. Overnight at Top Hotel: Couleur Café or hotel Plumeria, in BB or in High-midrange Hotel: at the hotel Vatolahy or at Chambre des Voyageurs in BB.


Antsirabe – Antananarivo

After breakfast, we shall undertake some visit at the surrounding areas including the Tritriva Lake and various workshops of semi and precious stones. After lunch, we drive heading to the Capital, Antananarivo, passing by the high plateau’s mountainous and rice field landscape. While arriving in Tana, settle in your hotel for overnight at hotel du Louvre (Top) or at the hotel Chalet des Roses (high-midrange), or Hotel Tripolitsa (high-midrange) (high-midrange), in BB.


Fly home

You will be transferred to Antananarivo international airport to catch a flight taking you back home. End of our service.

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Rates & conditions

ParticipantsPrice per person for Top OptionPrice per person for mdrange Option
1 Pax3000€2280€
2 Pax1650€1260€
4 Pax1350€950€
6 Pax1275€880€
8 Pax1200€820€
10 + 1Pax1150€750€
16 + 1Pax1050€700€
20 + 1Pax1000€675€
26 + 1Pax975€660€


A bus  with a  driver who speaks English or a Tour guide and a driver
Driver and his accommodation
Hotel in BB
Hotel in HB in Isalo and Ranomafana(top)
Car insurance only
Park entrance fees
Local guide


All lunches/dinners which are not mentioned above
Internal flight (
Other activities which are not mentioned above

Available dates for Group tour

  • 16 March 2024
  • 29 April 2024
  • 31 May 2024
  • 30 June 2024
  • 17 July 2024
  • 16 August 2024
  • 27 September 2024
  • 31 October2024
  • 15 November 2024
  • 5 Décember 2024