Terms and conditions

These agreements and conditions listed below shall be applied to all bookings on our site.
Booking a tour unveils your confirmation accepting, understanding, on your behalf, agreeing our terms and conditions and all the details as well.

1. The contract

Customer is entitled to choosing one or several itineraries from our website and that you have to let us know which itinerary you want to take. You can request any changes that suit your wish whether to shorten or lengthen it.

Upon agreement knowing which itinerary you would like to take, you must send the date of your international arrival and the date of your international departure in order to allow us to fit all domestic flights regarding your trip.

Then, a detail of your information is required including your first name, surname, passport number, citizenship, home address, phone number (cellular or fixed), detail of your travel insurance in case of emergency to contact your insurance company.

Once we received such information, you are going to sign a contract (to be sent to us) and pay a deposit of 25% for the midrange option and 50 % for the top option, of the tour cost (non refundable), an amount that must be paid through bank transfer only understanding that Madagascar banks do not accept any mail order, distance payment by credit cards or transfer (pay pall, mail order, money bookers, etc.)

And then, you must send the copy of the scanned signed bank receipt (Swift) in PDF format, as a proof of payment consideration guaranteeing your tour, proving the confirmation of the trip. Once we receive this bank receipt (swift), then we shall proceed and make all necessary bookings regarding the hotels, cars, etc. except the domestic flights. However, we can arrange this flight booking only when requested and which is must be paid 24 hours after the booking as recommended by AIRMAD itself unless the booking will be cancelled automatically by the central computer.

The rest of the money can be paid at the time of arrival at Ortour Office preferably by cash in big denomination notes 50, 100, 200 and 500 if it is in Euro or in 50 or 100 for US dollar. We accept payment both by Visa and Master card but such payment is subject to 4% of bank commission, all payment by credit card must be converted in our in local currency (MGA) and the rate shall be appointed by the interbank foreign exchange market
Regrettably, Cheques are not accepted.
Note that such deposit is considered as a prerequisite since all bookings including hotels or cars must be done ahead of time as a guarantee of your tour.

2. Cancellation – Changes or additions of the Tour

If you want to change to a different tour with regard to the date or destination after the invoice has been issued, you will be required to cancel and book again which is subject to cancellation fees.
You must notify us by email ASAP if you decide to cancel your trip. In that case, the deposit is considered as a non refundable .
Also, the total amount paid can’t be reimbursed in cases below:
Certain hotels (especially the Top Hotels) have their own policies requiring an advance at the time of booking in order to insure your tour but unfortunately deciding not to reimburse and thus, cancellation fees applied.
Besides, changes resulting from circumstances beyond our control cannot hold us liable to pay any compensation if we are forced to cancel in any means or in any ways to change your tour owing to unpredictable situations beyond our control preventing us from being able to avoid its consequences even with all due care and these include inevitable technical problems regarding the transport, changes imposed by rescheduling or cancellation of flights made by an airline, natural disasters, and threat of war, turmoil, disputes, bad weather, epidemic or terrorism.
Note that Ortour reserves the right to offer changes or cancel only if necessary especially for some situations requesting urgent changes and we will always let you know before taking such measures.
However, we will do our very best to make sure that it has minimal impacts on the tour and we will re-design the itinerary to create a brand new adventure for you!

3. Service

The vast majority of our service provides a hotel & breakfast carefully and thoughtfully done in order to reserve the customer the right to choose your own meal allowing them to take various choices of hotel ranging from Top to Medium range. Also, we do understand that each client’s food expense is not the same and that they might not want to take it related to their eating time behavior.
We do not include breakfast during an early morning flight given that some hotels might not provide so due to their proper time policies.
However, there are few hotels requesting a booking in half board in places like Setam Lodge, Centr’Est in Ranomafana, Jardin du Roy in Isalo, Andilana beach (Nosybe) Ifaty Beach, Paradisier (Ifaty).

4. Flight Package (AIRMAD – ORTOUR)

Up to now, we do not provide any international package. ORTOUR does not include domestic flight tickets in the tour cost since the customer can buy them from the Air Madagascar’s website as AIRMAD and ORTOUR are two distinct separate companies. Also, clients should understand that if they pay their flight tickets buying both international and national flights at the same time, they reserve a right to get a discount.
However, we can assist our clients in arranging their domestic flights booking if they request us to do so.
Such internal flight ticket has to be bought 24 hours after the booking and that the money must be paid so that we can buy them.
Besides, it is very important to inform you that AIRMAD Company is sometimes not reliable since there are often delays, flight cancellation, something that certainly has impacts on our tour organization. So, in that case, it is preferable for Ortour not to include the flight tickets in order to avoid any blame and does not want to be held responsible from such inconvenience resulting from it. For instance, flight delays, cancellation causing the missing of certain activities is beyond Ortour control and such missing service cannot be replaced or reimbursed leaving AIRMAD to be responsible.
As a consequence, any changed activities are considered extra and must be paid by the clients themselves; they though can request a reimbursement from AIRMAD later.
Thus, clients should be constantly aware of any flight schedule changes and/or cancellation made by AIRMAD.
Several flights from abroad like Europe, America, Africa, Asia and the Indian Ocean regularly connect Madagascar and thanks to some direct flights.

Apart from Air Madagascar, the national Airline, several air companies are available flying to and from Madagascar, linking the island to the rest of the world including.